The Benefits of Being Kind

Posted by Legacy Realty on Dec 10, 2019 in Learn Something New


The benefits of being kind are significant, especially if it becomes a habit and part of your daily routine. It’s the simplest solution to making Your life BETTER! No, that wasn't a typo, I meant to say "YOUR LIFE". The act of being kind provides obvious benefits to others but we seldom stop to think of how we too benefit.

Immediately after you've performed an "Act of Kindness" you instantly increase feelings of self worth. You feel good about what you did AND you feel good about Yourself because you perceive yourself to be a better person as a result of your actions. 

Everything from a sense of self-worth to overall improvements in personal physical health can be achieved by being kind to others. Best of all, kindness is contagious! It's a skill easily learned by people of all ages when they are given the benefit of witnessing acts of kindness.

#1 - Kindness, thought of by many as a weakness is actually a strength. It is far more challenging to be kind to those that are unkind you. Kindness clearly demonstrates to others that you are capable to meet the challenges they present without stooping to their level.

#2 - Kindness may play a significant role in making a difference for someone facing family struggles, emotional or physical illness, or loss of a loved one. Be aware that each person you meet is facing their own demons and challenges, being kind at their time of need could be the "saving grace" that they've been praying for.

#3 - Kindness stops the vicious cycle of anger. We've all heard the old adage "Fight fire with fire" but often that only serves the purpose of "fanning the flames". When confronting those filled with anger, a simple act of kindness can often soften their heart and positively impact their frame of mind.

#4 - Kindness can be a lifeline to someone facing depression, debilitating anxiety,  addiction or just daily life struggles. Being the recipient of another's kindness can totally change a person's outlook, giving them a sense of hope and the desire to keep fighting the physical or emotional battles facing them at that time.

#5 - Kindness feels good! I didn't say it will always be easy. Being kind to someone that is less than kind to you can, at the very least, be uncomfortable. But the recipient of your kindness is not the only one to benefit. You immediately get a sense of improved self-worth knowing you were able to rise above the issues and be the better person. In your heart, you know you did what's right and you're able to feel good about YOU.

#6 - Kindness is the right thing to do. That's not to say that you allow others unkind actions to go unnoticed, it simply says that you are choosing to rise above and enable yourself to be the better person. Sometimes this can be made easier if you keep in mind the rule of "Karma".

#7 - Kindness is a reflection on you. Whether it is a first impression or daily interactions, your words and actions can have a long-term impact on others. Making it a habit to practice the "Golden Rule" can prove far more beneficial to you than those around you.

#8 - Kindness makes everyone happy. It may not be "instant gratification", but in time, we all have a greater sense of happiness when we (and those around us) show kindness toward one another. Lead by example and know your kind acts, in time, will be of great reward to you and, possibly, many others.

#9 - Kindness may not solve ALL your problems, but it sure doesn't hurt. Being mean never results in a positive outcome nor does it provide solutions to daily challenges. While mean acts may present an opportunity to vent, it's only a temporary release and could result in far greater feelings of regret that only make you feel worse.


Simply stated, Kindness is actively choosing to be generous with our time, knowledge, finances, patience, and headspace in spite of the thousand stressors, worries, and unknowns that face us each day. By focusing on gratitude, kindness, and serving others, we are actually making ourselves healthier and providing ourselves with a greater sense of peace and self-worth. Have a blessed day!

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