Trying To Sell NOW!

Posted by Legacy Realty on Jul 8, 2019 in Learn Something New


Trying to sell



Frustrated?  Need Answers?  Want HELP?


This may not be what you want to hear, but I promise it’s true!


Once you’ve made the decision to sell, opinions on price, marketing, staging, etc. will come from everyone. Ultimately, you make the final decisions and activate the listing to sell your house. A week passes, then two, then a month, and you see where this is going. While your house is sitting on the market getting stale, every new listing in your area is going under contract in a matter of days. Maybe it’s time to have a real heart to heart talk with yourself. Here’s a few questions to ask you…

  1. Is the price too high?

If it’s not the condition, it’s most likely (almost ALWAYS) the price. Pricing a home for sale is tricky, especially when the owner likely suffers from “sentimental value syndrome” resulting from years of memories made with family and hours upon hours dedicated to home improvement projects. How can you know for a fact that the price is too high? Listen to feedback from potential buyers. Many buyers are looking at numerous listings in direct competition with yours. They see the good and bad of all homes toured and compare value of amenities, conditions, etc.. Check out your competition online. Think like a buyer. What do other listings have that make them a better value? Is their location better than yours? Check out square footage, annual property taxes, and utilities (electric heat, public sewer, water source, etc.). Buyers have to be able to afford the mortgage AND the cost associated with living there.

  1. Are there repairs needed?

You’re guaranteed to scare away potential buyers if your home is in poor condition. What are some obvious signs that a home is in poor condition? Water stains on ceilings, strong/unpleasant odors, damaged/missing roof shingles, light fixtures or outlets that don’t function properly, uneven flooring, and cracks in a foundation are common indicators. You may not want to go to the trouble of fixing all issues, but put yourself in the buyer’s place. Would you want to buy someone else’s problems?


  1. Did you “Primp” before you listed?


  1. It’s your job to make sure your Realtor is doing their job!


  1. No Showings, No Offers, NO HOPE? To learn more please view this file: Trying_to_sell.docx



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