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Priced to Sell

You Need a Comparative Market Analysis!

When it comes time to list your home with a REALTOR, one of the most important steps is developing a price to sell your home. You can find all kinds of advice on picking a price, but your best bet is working with a Legacy Sales REALTOR. Once you contact a REALTOR, they will look at similar properties that are currently listed for sale and properties that have sold in the past few months.

An experienced agent will also build in factors to your home. If your lot is bigger or smaller, they can adjust. Also, if you have improvements that other homes don't have, that can raise the price for your home.

When working with a Legacy REALTOR, they can advise you how long a home was on the market. In the Real Estate business, we call it days on the market (DOM). The history of “Solds” in your neighborhood can be very helpful. It allows us to see what a home was originally listed for, if price reductions followed, and finally for what price the home actually sold.

We have weathered a very rocky housing market in the past decade and many folks have no idea the worth of their home. Trust your REALTOR to help you find a price that generates activity and leads to the sale of your home!

Remember your REALTOR only makes an income if they are successful representing YOU!
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