Guard Against Burglary

Posted by Legacy Realty on Nov 14, 2019 in Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Tis The Season

To Guard Against Burglary

Burglary can happen any time of year. However, thieves know this time of the year is especially rewarding due to many homes containing extra electronics, jewelry, and other high ticket items intended to be given as gifts during the Christmas holiday. Below is a list of 6 simple things you can do to deter would-be burglars.


#1 LIGHT UP A ROOM - Whether you choose to use the "old fashion" timer or a "new app" through your device (phone, laptop, etc.), turning a light or two on in the home can help keep unwanted intruders from taking a chance of breaking in when they think someone is home. If you are going to be away for several days, try to use more than one light/room and change the time(s) they are lit.


#2 FAKE A NETFLIX BINGE - Nothing says "we're home" like the colorful glare of a television dancing in the window. There are devices that you can purchase (rather inexpensive, $20 - $40) that give the appearance of a TV playing in the room or you could simply leave the TV on a timer (similar to the timers used for the lights). 


#3 INSTALL LOUD PEEL-N-STICK ALARMS - Granted, these alarms don't offer video surveillance or automatically notify the police during a break in, but starting at about $7 per alarm, they're very affordable and stick in place with self adhesive. Despite their small size, the alarms have a piercing siren, with some at 110 decibels. Simple operations allow you to turn them on/off with the flip of a switch.


#4 MAKE SOME NOISE - Burglars will change plans in a hurry at the first sound of life inside a home. One option would be a noise app that can be played on a homebound phone, tablet, or computer. Some may choose to burn their own CD/soundtrack and leave it playing during their time away.


#5 MAKE THEM RING AND RUN - Burglars often ring the doorbell, if no one answers, they'll go around back and kick the door open. For approximately $180, you can purchase a Ring Video Doorbell. This device allows you to talk to the person at your door through an app on your phone. You can "buy time" saying your in the basement, hang up and call the police.


#6 NO TECH TECHNIQUES - You don't need the latest "gadget" to keep your home safe. The following is a list of "tried and true" methods that don't require a computer geek or electrician.


Hire a house sitter.

Depending on the weather conditions, ask a neighbor to shovel snow covered walkways and make tracks around the home. During summer months, ask the neighbor to keep the plants watered and looking fresh.


Ask friends and family to visit while you're away to enjoy time on the deck/patio, play in the yard, and bring in the mail.


Invite a neighbor to keep their car parked in your driveway.


Install a "fake" security camera.


Keeping your home safe while you're away can be as simple as utilizing the tips above. Be certain to notify a trusted member of the famiy or a close friend when you're planning to be away from home. 


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